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IT specialists from around the world could have not only an active rest and work but also to combine the pleasant environment and emotional experiences. Different Journey is a project that was born in the team of our Plovdiv-based IT company:
We have long sought the right formula for efficient work and quick recovery after a tense and complex project. We can gladly say that we found our recipe for this and we already share it with our other colleagues!
Our formula is not just a long all-inclusive vacation, but an active break in a high-energy place that allows us to work at the same time.

For your company needs, we can:

  • Build a reserved computer network
  • Assure complete Wi-Fi coverage on the territory of the hotel to meet the high requirements
  • Arrange the best way the workspaces that you'll need
  • Organize different activities: yoga, trekkings, ATV tours, horse riding
  • Folklore evenings and DJ parties
  • Cultural day tours


Computel Plovdiv Ltd. is a company with 11-years experience in the field of information technologies.

Photography by Ed Salter

For further information and requests, Please contact us on info@differentjourney.eu

Photography by Ed Salter

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