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A new way of relief and restoration

656Dear friends, with Our offer you choose not only an ordinary holiday but you have the opportunity to recharge yourself at a new and higher level. For a couple of days you will be at a wonderful, dream place accompanied by positive people.

You have a possibility to choose from some different packages to restore your body and mind included in our creative programme.



Living through new adventures and tastes

Pirin 1With us you can conquer some of most beautiful peaks in Europe, to take down by a waterfall; to enjoy motor flight paratrike or or para glider; to ride horses; to dive your senses into the unique local cuisine and selected vines and after all that to be a part of the rhythms of national Bulgarian folk music and to visit fantastic jazz fest in Bansko.


Discover well preserved places from ancient days

SveshtariThe territory of modern Bulgaria was one of the earliest populated areas in Europe.

Bulgaria has seven cultural and two natural sites inscribed on the UNESCO. Those sites form part of the heritage without which the world would not have been the same.

More than 80 Tracian treasures have been discovered in Bulgaria. These treasures include: The oldest gold treasure in the world- the famous Gold treasure of Varna.


Deep emotional and physical purification

g6By transforming Yoga practices, visiting natural and ancient high-energy places, by taking the opportunity to participate in a new adventure we will awaken your hidden potential.

Every season, our team will select for You a new special place, where you could dive in its sacred depths where imperceptible could release your body and mind from accumulated stress and strain, raise the tone and increase natural flow of spontaneity and intelligence.

Amazing 5 star resort and …


icon99  Yoga

Yoga is unity, harmony of human organs and systems, change of mind and consciousness.

Practice of Yoga asana ( exercises ), breathing practices, relaxations, could release negative emotions, strengthen physique and deeply relax the whole organism. Regular practice of Yoga calms mind and body, strengthen immune system and removes toxins due to the stress…

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icon99  Golf

The resort has 2 golf courses: Ian Woosnam - The pride of the club, the outstanding 18-hole, Par 72 championship course designed by Ian Woosnam. The course is 6182 meters long.

The second course - Pirin Pine features 9 fully constructed holes and a length of 1 643m. It is designed by a young German design company....

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High-energy places

For wholesome effect of natural energy points of such kind science has pointed the following: “…ancient sanctuaries, dwells and places which are powerful generators of negative ions could give strengths, could heal and tone.

The exact place for your holiday, all places in our programme are carefully selected...

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icon99Exquisite savour

Bulgaria is a new wine tourist destination, but is one of the oldest countries with experience of wine producing. Of all of the Eastern European wine producing countries there can be little doubt that Bulgaria has been the most successful. This is due to the fine quality of the vinification and viticulture which has produced wines from this region since the times of the Thracians. This tour will take you to the most famous wine regions of Bulgaria where you will have the opportunity to taste some unique wine sorts and to discover the magic of the Bulgarian cuisine....

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Mountain trekking

In most beautiful, majestic and visited by tourists part of Pirin. It has a territory of 40365 ha. Between borders of the park there are more than 50 marble and granite peaks with above 2500m altitude. The title most high peak is taken by the leader- Vihren -2195 m altitude. From the highest rocky peaks to the valleys mountain has 35 circuses, in which beds there are more than 180 ace lakes....

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icon99Other activities

And if you still haven`t found an activity that you love or wanted to try for the first time, we will introduce you all the possibilities for sport, fun and relax that we carefully selected for you. So you can feel yourself different…

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