High-energy places


Earth Energy is everywhere around us. A man could benefit from this energy by many different ways and places. Its effect could be consumed by all our senses. We cannot touch this energy, but can fell it. It doesn`t make a sound but we can hear it. Our bodies are opened to life-giving powers of the nature, to the mighty chi-energy or Prana, which can power our cells, rest our minds, recover our youth and health, and which could retrieve back the smile on our faces.

Which are these energy places?

These are the places which could be a natural healing for body and soul. They could balance human`s physical, mental and emotional condition. They control our spirit and naturally give a complete connection and sense of it between human and nature. These places are waterfalls, high mountains, old forests, fairy meadows, untouched pieces of the nature. At such magical places the air is so pure and consistent that you can see and feel the energy that beat in it.

Why it is important to visit those places

They are powerful generators of negative ions. It is proven that too many positive particles are harmful for human`s health while prevailing of negative ions is healthful. In the city area almost everything that surrounds us sends off positive particles, especially because of the new technologies. Nothing can be compared to natural`s generators of negative ions such as: waterfalls, oceans and seas, pine forests, and thunder storms.

Negative Ions can calm us

Negative Ions can excite us as well. Standing near to a waterfall for example, only for a few minutes could give you such energy power. The waterfall releases a Prana energy which is lefe-giving and could heal. Rich areas of negative ions could rest and ground us as well as healing us.

Where those places are situated in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria there is many places of nature powers. Some of them are very ancient: small caves formed by nature and then reconstructed by humans, gigantic stone shrines, domed tombs and temples, miraculous chapels and monasteries, healing springs, shrine monasteries, caves of ascetic monks... Common thing between all of them is that they have healing health effects. They represent heritage left by our ancestors who lived connected to Earth. They knew that the Earth is a living organism and has energy channels also known as Lei Lines, full with life-giving energy earth grids and swirls. Lei Lines had been used and considered as holy places. In areas concentrated of Lei Lines could be used for healing physical, mental and spiritual illness. They were used as places to speak with Gods. Our ancestors knew that these life-giving energy points could lift group or individual consciousness and strengthen the spirit.

It is considered that Bulgaria is one of the most important spiritual centers in the entire world! The list is long: Rila mountain with the seven Rila`s Lakes, the Rila Monastery, the Rojen Monastery, Dobarsko village and the Church "St. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilat", the Rupi, Zlatolist village, Stranga, Sakar and the eastern part of Rhodopes, Belintash, Tatul, Begliktash, Magical bridges, Raiskoto praskalo and many many more.

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