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My name is Violetta Kosshova. I have Master degree in Mathematics and Informatics.

Since 2006 I have been managing partner in Computel Plovdiv Ltd - a company specialized in information security systems as well as other IT services and solutions.

During the last 10 years I tried different methods of reducing the continuous stress and searched for ways to effectively and fast regenerating due to the hard work on responsible projects. So I managed to find the formula that worked and seems to give excellent results for me and for my team of colleagues.

After that, I invited my friends which have different professions and worked in various fields. The result was that everyone could find yourselves, regain its strenghts and look forward our next amazing, different holiday.

That is how my idea was born. And I want to share it with as many people as a can…

If you want to live through some awesome days in a company of great and positive people, to enjoy the sun, crystal clear mountain air, and wonderful local cuisine, to go deep in special high energy places, to practice known or unknown activities like: golf, yoga, horse riding, canyoning, and many more…For me, my team - Marina,  Angel, Dimitar and Alexander as well as my partners from Bulgaria Holidays will be a great honor and pleasure to experience all this together.

We offer you:

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icon33high energy places

icon33new emotional experiences

icon33historical places

icon33yoga practice

icon33spa procedures


new flavors

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icon33musical evenings





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