Lake Eye

Let`s begin with the easiest trip that we offer on the second day of our program:

We will move by vehicles till the road splits for Bundelishka meadow.It is about 14 km of asphalted road, starting from the town of Bansko. There is a possibility of walking trip – about 4 hours walking, through marked path.

First time the road splits to:

- straight road- it goes to the area called Shiligarnika (toward to peak Todorka)

- right side of the road – it goes to Bundelishka meadow

Just before the cottage of Bunderica we will park our vehicles and will take the pathway which is easy and pleasant. Our way will go through Baikusheva mura, wonderful gardens of Pirin and at the end we will arrive at Vihren cottage. Next route is even more picturesque and beautiful. It starts form the cottage Vihren and ends at the Eye lake. The route is again easy and pleasant, and it will take for us about an hour and a half walking.


Remarque: This trip does not require special equipment and preparation.

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