Peak of Bezbog and Popovo lake


On the fifth day of our programme for restoration of body and mind we will go through the following route:

We will reach Dobrinishte lift by vehicles. Taking the lift we will arrive at Bezbog cottage. It is a wonderful stunning place that could hold your breath.(240 m altitude). The cottage is situated at the bank of a lake and offers a splendid view of a high mountain peaks. Along the lake there is a path. At the beginning the route is easy and after 10 minutes of walking the path is climbing a little bit.  Shortly after the climbing, route is split.

Here is the path to Bezbog peak. It is second option for a route (for the high- hiker lovers).

In our schedule we will include a trip to lake Popovo. The route to the lake will be very picturesque. The magic of this place can`t be described with words by a human. I have just suggested you to experience and feel this magic together. If for someone this trip will be a difficult one I can assure you that all the difficulties are worthy. It is a high energy place and we can feel its magic in a unique way by staying there. At our way back we will change the route and will go through unbelievable waterfall in which the lake has been transformed taking its new way.

The place is powered by unique and strong energy and is suitable for meditation and breathing practices. The whole route is suitable only for tourists with appropriate hiking shoes. For the rest of you we can recommend to take a trip only to the lake of Bezbog, to enjoy the wonderful view, the sun and the local cuisine.

Remarque: This trip does require hiking shoes.

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