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Golf activity

icon66Green fee and trollies – from Monday to Wednesday

icon66Green fee and trollies – from Friday to Sunday

icon66Golf lessons for beginners “Introduction to golf”, consist of: - rent a golf club- golf competition green putting:

  •  training golf balls 40 pcs
  • 90 minutes golf activities


SPA Center

icon66Thermal zone;

icon661 covered swimming pool for all seasons;

icon665 open-air swimming pools;

icon66SPA procedures


Fitness training

icon66Sport for health, better vitality, weight loss or to just to gain muscle mass, workouts for athletes and beginners.

icon66Everything needed for a combined gymnastics, step aerobics, weights, fitness balls, mats.


Squash game

icon66For energetic individuals who are discharged from the daily stress.


Table tennis

icon66SPA center offer to its guets an indoor table tennis area.



icon66SPA Center offers to its guests an indoor snooker room.


Outside the hotel activities


Rent of bicycles and routes

icon66Pirin is declared part of the world natural heritage and is under the protection of UNESCO.

icon66There are several points from which routes go for the well-prepared hikers.


Rent of ATB

  • (short and easy route- 60 minutes)
  • Route - 120 minutes


Paintball in a forest, equipment included

icon66Paintball games, paintball lessons for beginners and advanced, team building groups


Horse riding

icon66Horse riding lesson for beginners

Time of lessons (20-25 min)

The lessons take places on an arena by a highly –skilled experts and with suitable horses

icon66Horse riding with an hourly duration

icon66Horse riding on special routes with instructors.



Activities with disabled persons depend on the current diagnosis of the patients. These activities are taken only by the permission of the doctor and approval of the parent/guardian.

The therapy is taken by calm and well-trained horses. Time for riding depends on the condition of the patient with the maximum length of 25 minutes.


Bow or air gun shooting


Canyoning at Vlahinski waterfall Description

going down the waterfall parallel with an instructor (35m)

Canyoning – going down the waterfall by rappel. It is concentrated extreme experience for everyone!


Ski in Bansko

Ski in the world famous resort Bansko with ski tracks with total length of 65 kilometers.

icon66The best and the fastest developing ski resort in Eastern Europe.

icon66Facilities for artificial snow (ski season from December to April).

icon66Traditional Balkan town from 17th century.


We have a vital need of sunlight


Heliotherapy or sunbathing is very important for people's lives. Without light and heat live on Earth is impossible. Even recently have been discussed negatives from sun, this method of treatment improve our health. Heliotherapy was also popular during the past decades, when substituted the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs. The sunlight control a wide range of biochemical processes in the human eye and brain, so heliotherapy is useful not only for treatment of certain diseases, but also for preventing healthy people. Sun's light affects the circadian rhythms of the human body or our internal clock . This is the rhythm that 24 hours maintains physiotherapy and psychological conditions.  Tell us when we must sleep or awake our body.

The important vitamin D

Vitamin D or " the sun vitamin " is invaluable to our body because of its impact on some of the biological processes taking place in our body. We can provide vitamin D on exposure to direct sunlight (the rays B), which reach our skin and stimulate its production. Also it can be generated from fish oil, eggs and liver as well taken as pill. Why vitamin D is invaluable to us humans? He protects our immune and nervous system, affects the states of depression and apathy, insomnia, rickets and other fatal diseases. Going out among the nature in a nice sunny day make us feeling so good and happy! Our body is full of energy and vitality, we feel rested even after a long trek in the mountains. We are ready to fly! Vitamin D regulates calcium metabolism in the body and this is important for:

icon99  Growth and bone strength;

icon99Strengthening of the nervous system;

icon99Stimulate immunity;

icon99Insulin secretion;

icon99Regulation of blood pressure;

icon99prevention and treatment of many heart and autoimmune diseases;

icon99Enhances mental performance;



Improves our physical form

What gives us the sun? - strengthens our vital forces and we improve ourselves  instantly. Body cells get more oxygen and accumulate vitamin D through the skin. This acts to speeding up the metabolism and get into better physical shape. For those who practice sport often in open areas - present most favorable results - their muscles tighten, they are increasing stamina and feel more energized..


It is good for your mood

The presence of vitamin D in human’s body stimulates the production of hormones serotonin (hormone of happiness) and dopamine ( the hormone of dependencies). Sun exposure is necessary for our good emotional condition and cheerful mood. Give us energy, optimism and increase our libido.


Stimulates our libido

The sun affects our sexual energy because it strengthens the work of the pineal gland which takes care and follows our hormonal balance. The result is the same both for women and men.


Protects against cancer

In recent years scientists have proved that the response and recovery after suffering cancer depend on the availability of a sufficient amount of vitamin D in our body. Because this vitamin is stored in our body for period of time sunbathing could give you a solid dose for the winter season!

It is incorrect to think that sunbathing on the beach is the only way to accumulate maximum sunlight. Walks in the sun even a light shade transitions in the mountains have a more powerful effect because the combination of sun, air and movement.

Best time suitable for sunbathing is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. In the summer and especially in our latitudes direct sun exposure between 13-17 hours is extremely strong. It is extremely dangerous for unprotected skin to be exposed on direct sunlight, so we recommend using a sunscreen protector, a hat and sunglasses.

 Yoga is unity of body and spirit

Yoga means "to add", "to join", "to unite" (in Sanskrit)


Practice of Yoga asana ( exercises ), breathing practices and relaxations

could release negative emotions, strengthen your physique and deeply relax the whole body...

Yoga fills your body and soul with health and harmony!

What we could offer:

  • Yoga practices for beginners
  • Prana Vinasa Flow Yoga for advanced – evolutionary form of Hata Yoga, creative style of modern man.

Yoga exercises for beginners are very easy and simple

to practice by everyone. They are extremely effective and useful. 


Why Yoga:

icon33  heal the condition of your spine and joints;

icon33   normalize activity of internal organs;

icon33   pure the blood, improve blood circulation, supply the cells with oxygen throughout the body;

icon33   complete detoxification and treatment of the whole body;

icon33   regenerate strength and flexibility of joints and spine;

icon33   strengthen and lengthen the connective tissues;

icon33   relieve stress;

icon33   regulate appetite, increase metabolism and normal weight ranges;

Benefits of practicing Yoga


Yoga creates unity and synchronize activities of organs and systems in human body.


Yoga achieves positive change of mind, spirit and consciousness.


Yoga completely transforms the body and spirit.


Yoga regenerates human`s health and youth.

Yoga - unity of Body and Spirit