Why yoga is good for you?

 Yoga is unity of body and spirit

Yoga means "to add", "to join", "to unite" (in Sanskrit)


Practice of Yoga asana ( exercises ), breathing practices and relaxations

could release negative emotions, strengthen your physique and deeply relax the whole body...

Yoga fills your body and soul with health and harmony!

What we could offer:

  • Yoga practices for beginners
  • Prana Vinasa Flow Yoga for advanced – evolutionary form of Hata Yoga, creative style of modern man.

Yoga exercises for beginners are very easy and simple

to practice by everyone. They are extremely effective and useful. 


Why Yoga:

icon33  heal the condition of your spine and joints;

icon33   normalize activity of internal organs;

icon33   pure the blood, improve blood circulation, supply the cells with oxygen throughout the body;

icon33   complete detoxification and treatment of the whole body;

icon33   regenerate strength and flexibility of joints and spine;

icon33   strengthen and lengthen the connective tissues;

icon33   relieve stress;

icon33   regulate appetite, increase metabolism and normal weight ranges;

Benefits of practicing Yoga


Yoga creates unity and synchronize activities of organs and systems in human body.


Yoga achieves positive change of mind, spirit and consciousness.


Yoga completely transforms the body and spirit.


Yoga regenerates human`s health and youth.

Yoga - unity of Body and Spirit

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